“Dr. Reddy has provided wonderful care for both my daughter and I. Last summer I brought my daughter in for a skin condition she had for over two years. Prior to bringing her to Dr. Reddy, I brought her to our family dermatologist. My dermatologist said the condition would go away on its own and basically there was not much they could do. The one treatment my dermatologist did provide, only made my daughter’s condition worse. I found this approach unacceptable and that is when I looked into Naturopathic Medicine and contacted Dr. Reddy. What I love about Dr. Reddy is she wants to get to the root of the problem and not just mask the symptoms. After two months, my daughter’s condition was cured. Then this past month, I decided to see her for a health ailment I was experiencing. She again was amazing and helped me treat my condition and I’m feeling so much better now! Dr Reddy takes her time to get to know you as a person and does a very thorough job explaining her treatment plan. I highly recommend her!”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Reddy since March of this year. I went to her with severe allergy problems, having had 2 sinus surgeries, countless sinus infections and allergy medicines – nothing seemed to be working. The quality length of time with her for the first appointment and subsequent have allowed her to educate me on how the body works, what she believes is going on in my body and how we can come up with a treatment plan that is manageable for me. It is an out of pocket expense that with traditional insurance many of us are not used to, but it’s not like any appointment/treatment you’ve ever received before! I can tell you from first hand it’s worth it! Not having to feel rushed to get my questions in within 10 minutes is wonderful on its own, but what’s even better…I’m seeing results!! For the first time in my life I haven’t taken an allergy drug in over 2 months, I got through all the dry winds and traveling which normally make me feel miserable and instead, I’m feeling healthier than ever! I’m learning so much and positively effecting my health in the direction I want it to go. My diet was a big thing that I was asked to change and I literally cried in the appt. bc I knew what it would take, especially in our culture of convenience…but I did it and boy am I glad! Dr. Reddy walked beside me and we rejoiced together when I emailed her how happy, almost giddy I was with the change, amazed at the 360 turn I had taken. I feel comfortable to talk about everything that is going on and confident that she is looking at the whole picture and bringing helpful solutions to my health concerns, not a band aid or rush a pill on me like I’ve often felt in the traditional system. I look forward to my visits with her – when did you ever want to got to the Dr? :)”

“Seeing Dr. Reddy for me is a brand new experience in terms of visiting Doctor’s Office.  She never keeps you waiting, and she really takes the time to get to know you in terms of your emotional well-being, habits, concerns, and symptoms. Instead of just treating what appears wrong, she treats the root causes of illnesses.  
Dr. Reddy takes her time explaining why the body acts a certain way, and how she plans to treat the issue.  It really helped me to be more involved in my own healing process, rather than just taking a bunch of prescription drugs.
Holistic treatment with Science behind it.  As good as it gets!”

“I run a mommy and me program in Orange County based around support, discussion and friendship for new moms and I have Dr. Reddy speak in every one of my class series.  I also see her personally and she has done for me what no other doctor has ever done.  The amount of time she spends with me is incredible and she never makes me feel rushed or that I am less important than other patients (which I typically feel in other practices).

She helped pinpoint for me certain things that would trigger adverse reactions and cause undesirable symptoms.  She spent so much time educating me on the “why” not just the “how” to get rid of something.  She gives so many resources and wonderful tips on how to feel better and stay better.  She is so knowledgeable and so passionate about what she does.  It’s infectious and motivating to want to continue to do and feel better.

Her demeanor is so calm and she is so easy to approach.  Not only do I love seeing her but I always get such wonderful feedback from the moms in my groups.  I also know a few moms who have taken their children to her and have had such great experiences and have seen great results.

I would highly, highly recommend seeing Dr. Reddy for anything and everything!   She has made such a huge impact on me and has really encouraged me to learn more about my health so I can feel the best.”

“I have had three sessions with Dr. Dhurga Reddy  (nowadays by phone since she moved away from my area), and with each one I’ve been increasingly impressed with her.  She has a very sharp mind, really knows Naturopathic Medicine, and keeps up with recent research. She explains her reasoning very clearly, and everything she’s suggested to me has made so much sense. Most importantly, I’ve noticed–and a lab test verified–positive changes resulting from her recommendations. (I love the naturopathic approach of helping the body to heal itself.)”

“Dr. Reddy is a professional, warm and competent physician. After years of struggling with particular health ailments, Dr. Reddy was able to find the source of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. Dr. Reddy’s office space is peaceful and welcoming. I feel fortunate to have found her and that my health is in the hands of a caring and skilled doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Reddy.”

Reviews taken from Yelp and Google Reviews.